1. He is a co-founder of Creative Commons, the group that helps everyone share everything from textbooks to cat photos freely online.

2. He founded Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, which is pretty badass.

3. In an episode of of "The West Wing" Christopher Lloyd plays Lawrence Lessig and helps Belarus write a new constitution.

4. His numerous books about the need for greater digital freedom and the role of media and the Internet in democracy are available for free online

5. He gave the best PowerPoint presentation (actually, Apple Keynote) I've ever seen in my entire life at last year's Rebooting Democracy.

6. He's coming to Portland on Thursday! And we finally have the details of his event hammered out! Lessig will be talking very intelligently about Portland's voter owned elections system and the need for campaign finance reform nationwide at our Backroom Brewhaha, October 28th at 8pm downtown at the West Cafe (1201 SW Jefferson Street). Read all the details here!