To the terror of weak-willed parents everywhere, we're rolling up on the Christmas season. A special time of year when wrinkly old German men and the hordes of devotees who worship them seemingly based on cranial fashion choices try to convince the world that we ought to come together and touch one another because some kid fell out of a *AHEM* virgin uterus sometime before they installed a Coldstone on Hawthorne.

You have your god, I have mine.
  • You have your god, I have mine.

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Realistically though, the season is all about getting and giving awesome swag, and that's where Amazon comes in. The online retail megalith is holding a sale from now until Saturday in which if you buy two games from this extremely well-stocked list of new and newer-than-new games, you can select a third to come along for the ride totally gratis (which means "free" if you live past 82nd).

I won't claim that this sale will heal the sick or burn any important looking bushes, but then again Christianity never included a totally sick skateboard peripheral.