Black Hole creator Charles Burns is at the downtown Powell's tonight at 7:30 pm, reading from X'ed Out, the first book in a projected trilogy. I wrote about it here, kind of; it's an as-yet incomplete story and I didn't fully understand it. (Unless you're a Burns fanatic, you're probably best off waiting for the whole thing to come out.) New York Magazine asked Burns to annotate a page of the book, and the results are enlightening, particularly in regards to the book's William S. Burroughs influence.

I've actually got a copy of the book if anybody wants it. Let's have an "invent an STD" contest* in the comments, closing at 3 pm tomorrow; winner will need to swing by the office to pick up their copy.

*Black Hole is about an STD that turns teenagers into mutants. This going to be one of those contests that no one enters, isn't it.