San Francisco's off-kilter gardening store Paxton Gate is opening up a Portland location on N Mississippi. According to a post on their Facebook page, "Two friends of the SF store approached us with the idea of licensing Paxton Gate under separate ownership and we took them up on it. They’ll be carrying a very similar product line, with many of the same artisans and purveyors and certainly with the same focus: Treasures and Oddities inspired by the Garden and Natural Sciences." In other words, they don't just sell pots and soil: They're known for their natural sciences bent, and they offer entomology supplies and large and small taxidermy, like these taxidermied baby chicks (and taxidermied mice dressed up as Jesuit priests or Hamlet, and even a mothereffing cobra).


Now, you're either the type of person who's thinking, "A raccoon penis bone for only $3??! My stocking stuffers are going to RULE this year," or your clutching your copy of the Veganomicon and thinking along the same lines as this I, Anonymous writer:

Just a heads up to the weird, unique, local, humane people of Portland: Mississippi Avenue Lofts has decided to rent its last retail space to Paxton Gate. For those of you unfamiliar with this shop out of San Fransisco... Taxidermy, giraffes, horses, bug & butterfly pinning, white laboratory mice stuffed and dressed up like angels and the pope-type things. Where's PETA when you need them!?! Now, North Mississippi Ave, I don't feel that you need this outsider chain coming in here selling DEAD ANIMALS that came from and how who knows where! Lets paint it in red... NO DEAD ANIMALS for your amusement, fuck you for trying to make money off them!!!!!! Keep Portland, Humane, Local and Weird! —Anonymous

So, where do you fall? Keep in mind before you answer that they can provide you with a taxidermied piranha for only $25! And that their San Francisco location also hosts classes and special events for adults and kids to get them interested in the natural sciences... doors are set to open December 1st.