Last night I was forwarded an email entitled "POWERFUL 11:11 GLOBAL LINK UP" filled with promises of amazing opportunities for me, you and everyone else in the world. What was inside was too silly not to share with you here. "It is time for us to reap the rewards of our long and arduous labors," the email tells me. "KNOW that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light!"

I followed the link provided and it sent me down a rabbit hole (set to Enya!) of 2012 mythology, half-baked quantum physics and psuedo-religious musings. Many people believe the world will soon change drastically, y'see, but nobody is quite sure how. Now bear with me, but apparently scientists around the world agree that our minds are so powerful they actually can change reality simply by "conscious observation". You didn't know that because you don't understand quantum mechanics.


Well the people behind New Reality Transmission have had it with the way we've been experiencing the world passively, not manipulating it with our minds. On 11/11/10 at 11:00 pm EST for 11 minutes people everywhere will join cosmic forces and send their beliefs out into the universe. The site walks you through how to do this (mostly you just imagine a world where everything's copacetic, bro). Now that you know the power of your own mind feel free to join in on the 11th and change the course of history.