Look for this one tonight at Together Gallery
  • Seth Neefus
  • Look for this one tonight at Together Gallery

If any one of your rain-sensing senses are intact, you know we're entering the "I want to jump from one of these very accessible bridges" season— and that's gonna put a bit of a damper on the motivation to hit up artwalks. Be that as it may, there are some good reasons to get out to Last Thursday tonight, and here are the ones that've tied for second place on my list: Appendix Space (off Alberta, down the south alleyway between NE 26th and 27th Ave) is going on hiatus for the rain, and for its last show of the year will host Israel Lund's Trubl(e); Appendix's sister gallery Little Field (north alleyway between NE 28th and 29th Ave, off Alberta) is calling it quits for good, and tonight's final installation by Tim Mahan inventories the gallery's past nine exhibits with a mashup called Big Field; lastly, Together Gallery (2916 NE Alberta, 6 pm) will serve up a solo of Seth Neefus' illustrative works, and Together's Project Room will house embroideries made by Misty Marie.

However, my top pick of the night goes to FalseFront (4518 NE 32nd Ave, 5-10 pm) for their presentation of Sonny Smith's 100 Records, described by the press release thusly: "Smith created names and song titles for 100 different fictional bands, and asked 100 visual artists to create the album artwork for each 7" record. Smith then wrote and recorded 200 songs (A sides and B sides) for each imaginary musical act." Along with a jukebox full of Smith's many musical masks, the album art will line the walls. Added bonus: Smith will play a solo set at 7 pm, and another later in the night at Holocene with his "real" band, Sonny and the Sunsets (opening for Best Coast). After the jump, check out the video of Smith talking about his 100 Records, as well as some sample images from the shows mentioned above.

  • Appendix Spaces

A sample of Lunds work from Trubl(e)
  • Israel Lund
  • A sample of Lund's work from Trubl(e)

  • Together Gallery