This week's news lead details how Lewis and Clark grad student Seth Stambaugh got his job back in the Beaverton school district: a winning combination of legal action, staff support, and parent pressure helped the young teacher get back his position after the district booted him for mentioning gay marriage.

Lawyer Lake Perriguey took this shaky little video of the Beaverton school board meeting earlier this week, wherein Superintendent Jerry Colonna spells out what the district is "learning" (not "has learned") from the incident:

First of all, I found out that we needed to stop, slow down and think. Early on it seemed as though we didn't really have control of the incident. It brought to light larger systems issues. Certain values around diversity, safety, and caring and respect embedded in our strategic plan were violated as a result of this incident. We need to leave the politics to the community and concentrate on what is best for the district staff and students. We learned that this incident will only be turned around by. What we continue to learn is that we cannot talk ourselves out of something we behaved ourselves into... If we make a mistake in this area, it needs to be on the side of tolerance and inclusiveness.