Two things I learned about last night's 98-88 Blazers victory over the Los Angeles Clippers:

1. Blake Griffin is a scary, scary man-child. In case you missed his 90-second explosion of pure baddassery (that's a real word) from last night's game, here is a short clip. I haven't seen such basketball domination since my mom bought me that Nerf hoop to hang on the back of my bedroom door. He finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds, but could have probably doubled that if...

2. ...the Clippers were not a terrible team. While the Blazers rightfully cowered at the site of Griffin (see number one) as he absolutely punishing the basket, the Clippers' guards reacted by freezing out the rookie and denying him the ball in the second half. Instead of letting Griffin finish what he started, they locked Clark Kent in the phone booth. As the combo of Baron Davis and Eric Gordon ignored the rookie phenom, the Blazers (once again) overcame a fourth quarter deficit and beat the Clippers in their home opener in Los Angeles.

Much like Tuesday's victory over Phoenix, the Blazers used a combination of offensive rebounds and deep three-point shooting to control the tempo of the game. Brandon Roy had an excellent first half of clutch shooting—that pair of buzzer beaters was quite nice—and finished with 22 points. But the best Blazer performance of the night was courtesy of Marcus Camby, who torched his former team—one that, as you remember, he never wanted to leave—with 11 points, 14 boards, and a key blocked shot in the final minutes.

The Blazers now travel to New York and take on the Knicks during their home opener at Madison Square Garden this Saturday at 4:30 pm.