Illegal Immigrant Prisons Drive Arizona's Economy: The men who run private immigrant prisons helped pass Arizona's controversial "looks like an illegal" law. Wow.

Mohammed: Now the most popular baby boy name in England, ahead of Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Eh.... Maybe a Bomb? "Suspicious packages" found on cargo planes in Philly and New Jersey.

The Sociology of Fame: A new class starring Lady Gaga.

Here is a Terrible Story About Domestic Violence: Man waterboards his girlfriend, makes me wish I believed in Hell.

Everyone's Talkin' About #GawkerFail

How to Turn a Pumpkin into a Camera: Yes.

Four Days Till the Election! Aaaa!! Look, here is a new Oregon Get Out the Vote video featuring Sarah "I rode my bike there" Mirk:

Update! I forgot to add that today is the LAST DAY TO MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT! So get on it. After today you have to take it to a drop site.

Catlin Gabel Has a Sugar Daddy! The posh local private school gets millions from Phil Knight.

Bikers' Lung: Separating bike paths means cyclists inhale less noxious air pollution. Huzzah!

Un-Dam It! The undammed Rogue River is initially lookin' good!