Well this guy sure is stoked.
  • Well this guy sure is stoked.

Now while you swap your entire paycheck for a single bag of groceries—I kid because I love—at New Seasons, you can do so to the sounds of local Portland artists. The locally-owned grocery chain is picking up where City Hall's phone lines left off and launching the "Home Grown Music Program," where the music of over 300 bands will be played in all their locations.

Take it away, press release:

The program was developed by local company Overland Agency with music supervision from Steve Berlin (Music Producer and Los Lobos band member) and Jeremy Petersen (Local Music Host/Producer) for New Seasons Market.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this program!” says Lisa Sedlar, President/CEO of New Seasons Market. “We feel lucky to have formed a relationship with a group of talented folks who share our passion for supporting all things local, from local music to local farmers!”

The in-store music player developed for the program currently has over 2,200 songs, over 150 hours of music and includes genres such as urban, country, world, electronic and classical. Individual stores will be able to tailor playlists based on genres and tempos, allowing each location to create the music environment most suited for their customers’ and employees’ tastes.

The music won't just be from Portland bands, instead it will be "Oregon, Washington and British Columbia musicians and bands." If I am shopping for bulk nutritional yeast and I hear a Hot Hot Heat song, so help me God...

In addition to Home Grown Music, New Seasons Market is working with Overland Agency to develop an iPhone application that will give customers in the store the ability to access information on the artist and song currently being played, as well as purchase the song through iTunes. Additional features of the application will include information on special offers and events.

Oh, that's kind of cool.

End Hits: I am not kidding about that nutritional yeast comment. I love that stuff.