Iraqi forces storm a church where close to 100 hostages were taken by gunmen, leaving 58 dead. The Iraqi defense minister calls it “a successful operation with a minimum of casualties, and killing all the terrorists.” Note to defense minister: Calling something a "success" does not make it a "success."

In other terrorist news: a Saudi national has been caught after trying to ship explosives to Chicago synagogues through the mail. THE MAIL? Old timey!

The Democrats go all out on election eve to slow down what will certainly be a spurting artery of losses. (THANK YEW! THANK YEW! You can send my "You Am a Great Writer" award via UPS.)

By the way, if you haven't voted yet, it might be a good idea if you VOTE.

And you can pretty much bet we won't hear whether Obama will put a stop to Bush's tax cuts until after the election.

Cable commentator Jon Stewart blasts cable commenting at rally and is re-blasted by cable commenter Keith Olbermann, a cable commenter.

In somewhat local hillbilly news: Four McMinnville adults are arrested after encouraging two nine-year-olds to fight on a video for Facebook. Again, thanks Mark Zuckerberg!

Here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Showery and 60 today, warming tomorrow with more sunshine through Thursday!

And finally, GUYS! Thanks a bunch for the HUGE turnout at our "Rally to Restore Sanity" viewing party at the Mission on Saturday. It was a blast. And in case you need a reminder of Jon Stewart's inspiring "Sanity" speech, here it is again—only AUTO-TUNED by the Gregory Brothers.