Measure 73 voters pamphlet: Yes and No separated by 72 pages.
  • Defend Oregon
  • Measure 73 voters pamphlet: Yes and No separated by 72 pages.
File this under "Whoopsie That Could Cost the State $92 Million": In its voters pamphlet, Clackamas County Elections accidentally separated the arguments in favor of mandatory minimums Measure 73 from the arguments against the measure by 72 pages. So someone reading through the information about Measure 73 would read the measure summary, then several pages of people telling you why the measure is great... then six dozen pages of info about other measures and races until you finally get to the No on 73 section.

Whoops! Voter info group Defend Oregon noticed the error just this week, when a Clackamas voter called them to complain that he hadn't seen the "no" arguments on Measure 73 until after he'd already voted yes. The measure stiffening mandatory minimums for drunk drivers and sex offenders is estimated to cost the state $61-92 million over the next five years if it passes.

This is an especially galling error, since the coalition against Measure 73 is surprising and outspoken. As I reported this week, the "tough on crime" measure is being fought by crime victim advocates like the Portland Women's Crisis Line and statewide domestic violence groups. They're worried that paying to create more beds in prison will mean less funding for shelter beds for domestic violence victims.