You really don't need to leave your house tonight because we'll be blogging from all the election night parties (the highs! the lows! the shrimp platters!) from 7pm on this evening. BUT if you get motivated, or just feel like drinking in the company of compatriot political junkies while gossiping about the early returns, here's a list of tonight's parties. The time to show up is around 8pm.

Big Democrat Shindig feat. the progressive measure campaigns, Loretta Smith, Ron Wyden and John Kitzhaber at the Hilton (921 SW Sixth Avenue). This will be the local party with the most people, the most red, white and blue balloons, and your best chance for seeing a victory/concession/WTF speech by Kitz.

Smaller Democrat Shindig feat. the affable treasurer candidate Ted Wheeler at Hotel DeLuxe (729 SW 15th) and, as the website notes, a hosted bar (that's the free kind, right?).

Veggie Burger Shingdig at BarBar (3943 N Mississippi) feat. tasty veggie burgers and the equally ravishing County Commission candidate Karol Collymore.

Republican Rumpus feat. the big Republican candidates and Chris Dudley at, of course, the Trail Blazers home: the Rose Garden. The party is on the concourse.

Tea Party feat. Victoria Taft and conservative talk radio station KPAM just a stone's throw from the Clackamas Old Spaghetti factory at the Monarch Hotel (12566 SE 93rd Avenue).

And the most divergent rival parties of the night: Metro President candidate Tom Hughes will be on the Portland Spirit cruise ship, docked at Waterfront Park, while rival Bob Stacey is partying at Rontoms (600 E Burnside).