This paper isn't the only local business to go to absurd lengths for Halloween. East Burnside watering hole Rontoms really went all out for All Hallows' Eve, remodeling the entire bar to become an ultra-generic corporate family restaurant called WTF Rontoms.

This includes a gigantic photo menu—see it in its full splendor after the jump—with ridiculously-titled entrees ("Brownie Delerium" or the "Onion Awesome-Blossom") and terrible descriptions that could put Guy Fieri out of a job. Other features included a top-40 playlist from the '90s, an oversaturation of their new WTF Rontoms logo on any available surface, happy birthday sing-alongs from the staff, and new uniforms—referee stripes for bartenders and red polos and cutoff jean shorts for the waitstaff—loaded down with "flair." Well played, Rontoms.

Okay, fine, the "Chiptole Volcano Nachos" sounded kind of cool.