The Multnomah County Library is claiming a victory for Measure 26-114, the ballot initiative that would make it easier for the county commission to create a special tax district to pay for the library. After early results, the measure was up by a comfortable 43 points.

Several other county measures appeared to be sailing to victory by massive margins, including a requirement that commissioners who move out of their districts have to leave office. Voters did not appear to be supporting a change that would allow commissioners to keep their seats if they explore a run at another office. A bid to repeal term limits and create a tax for Oregon's history society were too close.

Also too close to call, even after results at 9 pm, were Portland's two measures on the ballot: Measure 26-108 which calls for keeping the city's system of public financing of elections, and Measure 26-117, which seeks millions in property taxes to purchase firefighting equipment. Both were trailing.

I'm hearing that most of the ballots cast in Multnomah County were cast today, which means it might be some time before we really know how things stack up—and how effective last-minute get-out-the-vote efforts this weekend have been.