Election Day! Local voter turnout is nearing 50 percent, frantically reload this page for county results and this page for state results tonight at 9pm.

Election Results LIVE! We'll be covering the local election results from the parties tonight (including the tea party out on SE 92nd and the Democrat's bash at the Hilton downtown) here on the blog, but probably the best place for national updates during the day is here at Huffington post.

Please Hold Out Hope Until the Last Bitter Moment: How Democrats could beat the polls and hold the House. Right.

The Worst Political Ads of the Year: Some British people put together a list to mock us.

And How Do You Feel? The NYTimes amalgamates our feelings, as submitted by readers. I submitted "sleepy."


Speaking of Anger... California moves to uphold ban on violent video games for kids.

And Something Else to Shout About: Don't Ask Don't Tell is sticking around until at least the spring.

Ex-Guantamano Detainee Saves the Day: A former detainee tips off police to a bomb plot.

Let 'er Bomb! Two letter bombs explode at embassies in Athens but no one is injured.

Giants Win World Series. Good job, guys.

Unholy Union: Justin Bieber and WalMart join forces with a "unisex fragrance line."