The state results continue to tell a different story than the results in Multnomah County. According to Oregon's site, as of about 8:15, voters are saying yes to Kevin Mannix's Measure 73, the mandatory minimum sentence initiative, but rejecting forcefully Measure 74, the medicinal marijuana dispensary initiative.

The opposite is true in Multnomah County, with 73 trailing and 74 doing well. Everyone seems to agree on the rest of the ballot measures, blessing widely, so far, the creation of an annual Legislature (Measure 71) and a lottery set-aside for parks (Measure 76), while panning a plan to place a private casino in East County (Measure 75).

Multnomah County on the state ballot measures.
  • Multnomah County on the state ballot measures.

Anthony Johnson, a co-author of Measure 74, tells me he's "hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Over all, I'm really happy with how the campaign went. ... No matter what happens, the fight goes on. We're in a much better position to fight because of this campaign."