This is Jill Schwenke.
  • This is Jill Schwenke.
Over at Multnomah County Elections headquarters in SE, I spoke to a few lovely Oregonians who were standing in line waiting to cast their ballot. In thirty minutes, despite speaking to 14 voters, I could not find a single person voting for Chris Dudley. What the hell, Portland? Don't you know we need fresh, Republican blood up in hurr?

Yeah, or not.

Jill Schwenke is a Georgia transplant and new to Oregon, and although she's a registered Democrat she's on the fence over the governor's race. "I really don't know Oregon's history," she said, and so she's not sure what direction to take it in.

HelenKate Coggins, on the other hand, knows damn well where she wants the state to go. "Kitzhaber was my first vote for governor," she said, and she's voting for him again this year. Coggins—whose birthday is today, happy birthday!—also sounded off on Measure 73, saying that 90 days in jail for a DUII seems like overkill. As for Measure 74, Coggins considers it a step toward progress in Oregon.

Happy birthday HelenKate!
  • Happy birthday HelenKate!

Another voter, an over-30 white male who rocks a leather jacket and wishes to remain anonymous, is voting against Measure 74 because he feels that the measure is poorly conceived. He worries that opening the measure's dispensaries would invite out-of-state commercial growers into what is currently local territory—after all, big California growers are backing the measure. "We have a good thing going here in Oregon," he said, "but it's not perfect. I want to see legislation that focuses on improving what we're doing now, rather than bringing in half-baked additions."

Remember, YOU HAVE UNTIL 8 PM TO DROP OFF YOUR BALLOTS. But do it earlier if you can. Multnomah County results always come in waaaaay too late.