With Karol Collymore conceding surprisingly early, Loretta Smith is officially the new County Commissioner of Multnomah County.

Regarding her early win and if she was expecting this outcome, Smith had this to say:
"NO, I thought that this would be a back and forth all night and maybe we would find out tomorrow. This is a surprise."

In her victory speech Smith mentioned she had just talked to her opponent Karol Collymore and that she was very gracious when they talked. Smith mentioned that some of the issues surrounding food equity are very important to her and she plans to work with Karol on them. "I want to sit down and talk with her about those and carry them forward."

Her speech was lengthy and at times touching, bringing up her son, Jordan, to speak and mentioning that he is a "Huskie" but she doesn’t hold that against him. He went on to say that he’s really proud of her, she was dedicated—she didn’t sleep or eat—and that everything she says she believes in and she will get it done.

Loretta Smith tips her hat to you Multnomah County.
  • Loretta Smith tips her hat to you Multnomah County.