From SF Gate:

NBC just called the House for Republicans, by a wide margin. With Joe Manchin's win in West Virginia, the network is calling the Senate for Democrats.

Fox News has joined in the call, predicting a bigger GOP pickup than the 54-seat landslide in 1994. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be replaced by Ohio Republican John Boehner. If the blowout comes to pass as predicted, Pelosi will find it very difficult to hang on as minority leader.

Is it time to panic yet?

UPDATE! Florida Tea Party winner Marco Rubio calls his victory and that of other Tea Party members a "second chance for the GOP" rather than hugs 'n' kisses for the Republican party. From Politico: "We know that tonight, the power in the United States House of Representatives will change hands," he says. "We know tonight that a growing number of Republicans will now serve in the Senate as well."