I am ANGRY. For good reasons!

1) It's election day and I woke up with a heavy sense of dooooom.
2) To shake off the dooooom, I went to my neighborhood coffee shop and the person in front of me in line got all snippy with the barista because she couldn't remember the customer's "regular" order. What the hell is that? The barista's life doesn't revolve around you and your stupid hummus bagel-latte combo.

These things are of not quite equal importance, but anyway, I gave a shout out for some happy news to get me through this no good, terrible, very bad day. The internet delivered.

1) Portland semi-celebrity chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz has invented a vegan Cookiepuss. Cookiepuss, cookiepuss, cookiepuss! (via Scott Moore)

  • isa chandra moskowitz

2) Researchers have created Jurassic Park style massive dragonflies. But failed at breeding massive cockroaches. Keep rockin' the free world, you crazy scientists. (via mrbowers)


Okay, good luck surviving the day, everyone.