Kathy Couch (left) and Karol Collymore
  • Kathy Couch (left), campaign manager, and Karol Collymore.

Things have taken a turn for the worse at Karol Collymore's Bar Bar celebration on N. Mississippi...

Campaign coordinators just announced that tonight, unfortunately, is not Collymore's election night, despite her enthusiastic base.

"No sad faces!" were the first words out of Collymore's mouth after the announcement. "If you come up to me with a sad face, you have to buy me a cocktail."

And maybe Loretta Smith won't be such a bad alternative to Collymore's supporters. "It's not that I have anything against Loretta; it's that I have so much for Karol," said Collymore volunteer Caryn Brooks before the announcement.

Collymore sends a big congratulations to her "awesome" opponent.