It's time for another installment of On the Road with Floating World, in which Floating World Comics proprietor Jason Leivian handpicks a few comics recommendations for musicians playing in town. Swing by Floating World (20 NW 5th) during the week of the show, name-drop this post, get 10% off recommended titles. This week, Jason breaks the music mold and picks a few books for Tim & Eric, performing their Crimbus Spectacular 2010 tonight at the Roseland.


Boy's Club 4 - Matt Furie's back with another hilarious issue of Boy's Club. In this issue Landwolf does the carwash on his stoned roommates, Andy lets out a silent shart, Pepe reveals his favorite car, and Brett gets a zit. The highlight of the issue is that a new character is introduced to the crew! His name is Bird-dog and he's basically a grunge big bird pizza delivery man. There's a great sequence where he's smoking with Pepe and then he gives a half-baked history lesson on marijuana. Pepe's eyes are so bloodshot you can almost hear the veins crackling.

ROTFLOL LP + DVD - This is Jacob Ciocci from Paper Rad. This album is a 'best of' his solo music from the past decade and it also comes with a DVD of animations/experimental videos. Great package released by local record label, Audio Dregs. I discovered the art of Paper Rad and Tim and Eric separately but I definitely see a similarity in aesthetic and sense of humor. Both artists seem to regard the internet and Youtube as vast junkyards of media, where gems of found footage can be chopped, manipulated and remade. They understand the appeal of thrift store VHS and public access as an antidote to the slick, polished garbage that passes as acceptable programming on TV.

I Want You #2- Buenaventura Press closed its doors earlier this year but has now been reborn as Pigeon Press. In addition to Matt Furie's new book, they have also returned with the latest issue of Lisa Hanawalt's I Want You. Lisa's artwork is immediately impressive and eye catching. She alternates between a super detailed b&w line art style that's almost like an indie Geof Darrow and a watercolors that can be very gruesome or nauseating at times. One of my favorite sections in this issue is "WORST SANDWICHES." "#10 - Your favorite sandwich dunked in a glass of water." That would suck! The image of a folded over sandwich forced into a glass of water makes me upset. And it's a waste of a glass of water.