This past summer the Decemberists were hunkered away at Pendarvis Farm, and now it looks like they have something to show for all that time spent in a barn together. A baby horse? No. A new record, actually. The King Is Dead, their sixth album, will be due out on January 11 courtesy of Capitol Records. Rumored to be more direct than 2009's overly ambitious The Hazards of Love, the album features Peter Buck from R.E.M. yet Morrissey is nowhere to be found.

Make it happen, Decemberists. If there ever was a record with a Moz cameo, The King Is Dead should be it. The track listing is after the jump.

Here is "Down By The Water," the first single from The King Is Dead, which you can download it from their site.

The Decemberists - "Down By The Water"

h/t: Prefix

1. Don’t Carry It All
2. Calamity Song
3. Rise to Me
4. Rox in the Box
5. January Hymn
6. Down By the Water
7. All Arise!
8. June Hymn
9. This Is Why We Fight
10. Dear Avery