I feel like every May I get an idea for a great Halloween costume, and I think to myself, "oh, I'll remember that, it's too good to forget!" Then come October I'm out of ideas, don't have any money, and am unmotivated to think of a good costume, frustrated by the fact that I cannot remember the ingenious idea I had that summer.

Well bookmark this shit, cause I'm gonna hit you with some good ones.



Charles Manson

  • Olivier Zahm

Girl as Lichtenstein Painting

  • David X Prutting/Billy Farrell Agency

A senior girl from Dazed and Confused - This movie is old enough now so this costume is cool and retro instead of lame and douchy. SCORE!

  • Piera Gelardi

And lastly I'm not sure I'm endorsing this costume, but I thought you guys should see what Marc Jacobs dressed up as this year...Whow.