GodDAMN today is a bummer! At least the weather's nice. With all the hand wringing about election results, wouldn't it be nice to feel like you're part of a society that's actually making progress? I submit to you a suggestion: HUMP! You probably already know that Hump is the Stranger/Mercury amateur porn festival, where ordinary, non-professional fuckers submit their own adventures which we then jury and screen for quality/variety before unleashing them on the public and then destroying them forever so that all participants can go back to being professional whatever-they-ares undisturbed. BUT, while most people think of such an event in simple terms of sexiness and scandal (ass hook flashback anyone?), it's also an incredibly rare experience to have a sexually diverse crowd watching porn of all kinds: boys on girls, girls on girls, boys on boys, claymation figurine on claymation figurine, etc. It's inclusive, and positive, and demystifying, and yes, progressive. You should be there.


The 9:30 shows have already sold out, but you can still get tickets for 7 pm and midnight both days. Just click on the image above to score. (Tickets, obviously. I mean tickets.)