Phew, now that pesky election is out of the way, it's time to start thinking about bigger and more important things. Like: PIE.

The pie-iest day of the year is a mere 22 days away, so it's time to begin mentally prepping for your Thanksgiving pie. So does that mean you need to get out the rolling pin and dust off the cookbook? Maybe not.

It's not a secret that we're fans of Random Order Coffeehouse's pies (and we're not the only ones—Travel + Leisure magazine also ranked them in their Best Pies list). The Mercury was lucky enough to have a delicious pie from the NE Alberta bakery dropped off at the office courtesy of the band Keep Your Fork There's Pie a couple months. So when Tracy from Random Order sent us the info about their Thanksgiving pies, it noticeably stuck out from the bath of daily press releases. And since there's no sense in keeping secrets when it comes to pie, here's the info they sent in order to make sure you have a pie for Thanksgiving.

Random Order Bakery is now taking orders for Thanksgiving Pie. Recently chosen among "America's Best Pies" by Travel + Leisure Magazine - this small batch bakery makes authentic hand-rolled pies using exceptional care and high quality locally sourced organic seasonal ingredients.

The Random Order Thanksgiving Pie Menu:
Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple
Brandied Pear w/ Dark Chocolate & Candied Ginger Streusel
Kentucky Pecan
Spirited Pumpkin
"Old World Apple Farm" Heirloom Apple
Coconut Cream.

Orders must be placed by November 21—order early. Our small hardworking bakery can accommodate a limited number of orders. Call 971-340-6995 or come into the shop at 1800 NE Alberta. Orders can also be made and picked up at Little Green Grocer 1101 NW Northrup St.

Schedule your pick up date and time. Pies can be picked up Tues — Thursday Morning. Pick up times are limited so call early to get the best time. Pick up and Enjoy your Pie!

9" pies serve 7-8 are $33 baked in glass. $5 returned to you when you return the pie plate within 14 days.