Right after Satyricon announced that it was shutting its doors, we interviewed the club's booker, Jeff Urquhart, who dropped this little hint about something special on the horizon:

In fact we're really excited about the new plan. We're going over to the old Loveland/B-Complex/Meow Meow space [under Rotture, off SE 3rd]. It will give us more space, we'll have more room to do things that we didn't do at Satyricon. We're going to uproot and go there, everyone loved that space.

Well now it's official.

Still keeping the Branx moniker, the "new" club is set to open on November 12 and will have a 600 person capacity, plus the ability to all-age shows with full bar (there's one in the back) for those of proper boozing age. All future Branx booking will be handled by Urquhart and current Rotture booker Conrad Loebl.

Opening night will be split between an early performance from the Ghost Inside, then a late night show from the most evil band in the history of ever, Watain (I guess they don't mind a little blood on the walls). On November 13, the second night, "The Diabolical" Biz Markie will be in the house. An evil Swedish black metal band and Biz on the same weekend, nice start.

End Hits: Look for our new breakfast restaurant across the street, Brunx.