I wonder how the "God Hates Fags" crowd is going to spin this.

A gay couple from Vancouver, who will mark their 30th anniversary next month, now have 50 million more reasons to celebrate after winning the latest Lotto Max draw.

Kurt Blanchette-Ebert, 63, and his partner Claude, 52, learned Saturday morning that they had won the $50-million jackpot but waited until Tuesday to claim the prize.

"Sunday is church and Monday I had no time," Kurt told CTV News from the offices of the B.C. Lottery Commission, after being presented with an oversized cheque for the couple's winnings. "Today is the day."

Kurt is a pastry chef and Claude is an upholsterer—they're working-class gays—and the couple has never been able to take a vacation together. They're now planning a long-overdue trip to Europe. Good for them.