You might think after that embarrassing Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Hylehoolehe business, we'd already mocked director Zack Snyder to the point where it wouldn't make sense to do so anymore. AND YET: Here's the latest trailer for Snyder's Sucker Punch!

Here, I can save you some time: This trailer's exactly like the last one, except now it has some atrocious dialogue laid over it. Said atrocious dialogue is voiced in a bored monotone by Scott Glenn, who's apparently playing a character named "Wiseman." Hey, wanna know how you can tell Snyder wrote Sucker Punch in addition to directing it? The wise man character is named "Wiseman."

Confused? Well, all you need to know about the plot is SCARY DRAGONS SAMURAI SEXY CRAZY SCHOOLGIRLS. Which, coincidentally, was the first-draft title for the screenplay. (Hey, at least it all makes more sense than the news regarding Broadway musical about Houdini starring Wolverine, scored by Danny Elfman, and written by Aaron Sorkin, right?)

Thanks to Blogtown commenter McAngryPants for the heads up.