John Kitzhaber gave a blink-and-you-missed-it victory speech this morning from Tanner Springs Park in the Pearl, thanking his supporters and uttering some bipartisan remarks in a speech that clocked in at under four minutes.

I counted 10 small, adorable dogs (see one at right) wandering through the crowd during the talk, as Pearl-dwellers out for morning strolls stumbled across their once and future governor. While progressives and police officers packed in around Kitz's podium, PNCA art students reclined throughout the rest of the park, painting the landscape and not paying the big speech any mind.

"This race is not about being a Democrat, or a Republican, it's about being an Oregonian," said Kitz, noting that Dudley had graciously wished him good luck in his Margarita Concession speech last night and welcoming both Duds and his supporters to "stay engaged and work with us as we put this state back together." You can watch the whole thing here.


The morning wasn't so much about the speech as a time for Democratic supporters to celebrate breathing easily for the first time in weeks. After Kitzhaber's brief remarks wrapped up, the crowd stuck around, mingling, back slapping and decompressing after the squeaker election.

"There's no doubt that the turnout in the last couple days—greater than in 2008—that last minute phonebanking, doorknocking, and Get Out the Vote efforts made the difference," said Caitlin Baggot, the project director at youth voting group the Bus Project, which knocked a whopping 17,000 doors on Halloween night.