Bob Stacey: Probably not President.
  • Bob Stacey: Probably not President.
Okay, political nerds, there's one local race left undecided so it's time to whip out the calculators.

The Metro President helps set the region's land use policy and has a large hand in figuring out how the region can grow in a smart way. Bob Stacey and Tom Hughes are locked neck and neck in the tri-county race, with Hughes currently leading by only 281 votes.

There's roughly 5970 ballots left to count in Multnomah County (which is going 56.7 percent for Bob Stacey), 10,324 to count in Washington County (which is going 60.25 percent for Tom Hughes) and 3,684 to count in Clackamas County (which is going 53.37 percent for Tom Hughes). By my math, that puts Tom Hughes ahead by 1,877 votes at the end of the grueling vote count.

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You know what's interesting? The number of write-in votes in this election is higher than the number of deciding votes. The three counties wrote in 2,890 votes. Also of note: there's a write-in Rex Burkholder Facebook group... only 40 members, but one of the creators is Burkholder's wife.

Of course, these numbers could change as new results come in, it's all just speculation at this point. Excuse me while I go chew off my fingernails.