Another week, another Mercury music section to punch a hole through with your fancy new guitar Pick Punch. First local band to use one on an expired Oregon Trail Card wins a prize.

Listen up, people. This Aloe Blacc record is absolutely fantastic. See him tonight, or see him in two months for twice as much money—and with twice as many people—when everyone else catches on.

Aloe Blacc - "I Need A Dollar"

Despite having just a pair of members Brainstorm make plenty of glorious noise. Plus, tubas are the new ukuleles, which, as everyone knows, used to be the new cellos. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Brainstorm - "Beast in the Sky"

So this is growing up? Tim Kasher hits his midlife crisis a decade too soon and the results are not pretty.

Tim Kasher - "Cold Love"

Hey life, hate to break it to you but Marnie Stern just shredded all over your stupid face. Marnie 1, Life 0.

Marnie Stern - "For Ash"

Weekend are a San Francisco-based band with a record titled Sports and... wait a second... Huey Lewis, is that you? I knew it!

Weekend - "Monongah, WV"

End Hits: My first concert ever was Huey Lewis. I was nine. I fell asleep.