Obama to India! The president heads to Southeast Asia, ostensibly on a "jobs mission". That's timely, because the economy added 151,000 jobs in October.

Gayest Election Evar! The Gay and Lesbian victory fund says 106 openly gay politicians were voted into office this week—the most ever.

China's Loves/Hates Artists: The case of newly-arrested artist Ai Weiwei shows how China alternately encourages artists and beats them within an inch of their lives.

Here: Be Disturbed. New video reveals Abu Ghraib interrogation techniques.

Another iPod Worker Dead: There's been another suicide at the Foxconn plant that makes goods for Apple.

Man Boards Plane With Amazing Disguise: A Chinese refugee snuck his way onto a Canada-bound plane by donning an old white man disguise.


Back from the Dead! Michael Jackson has a new album!


Slap on the Wrist: City Council scales back discipline for police officer caught having sex with an on-duty cop.

Election Update! The historical society levy and fire bond have now both definitely passed.