I like New Vegas, you like New Vegas, even Kiala likes New Vegas, but we have to be honest with ourselves: The game is buggier than a bartender's mattress in Northeast Portland.

Luckily, current series publisher Bethesda has realized that the only thing keeping its latest blockbuster hit — I got an email yesterday from Bethesda's PR army saying the launch saw "record sales," with five million copies shipped for all platforms and over $300 million in retail cash pulled down — from perfection are its host of totally bullshit programming errors.

Thus, a recent post on the game's official site promises a "comprehensive patch" for all three platforms that New Vegas appears on. While Bethesda doesn't go into exacting detail on all the fixes, the bit that caught my attention was word that the publisher has a handle on what is causing the far-too-prevalent save file corruption issue in the Xbox 360 and PC iterations of the game. Since that's the only major one that's hit me so far, I danced with glee.

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No definite word on when this patch will appear, though the post promises that Bethesda will "have something available in the coming weeks." Likewise, it promises more details on what exactly the patch will fix are forthcoming.

"When we have more details, we’ll let you know," the entry concludes.