As you know, people who want to have sex with me are subject to an incredibly long wait list—I think I'm booked solid until August 12, 2019—however! Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have a standing invitation to hop to the top of this list anytime they'd like. Weirdly, they have decided not to take me up on my very generous offer. Not that I'm offended or anything... I'm super busy sexing other people. Other SEXIER people. I just think if they were smart, and really cared about sexing, they'd be blowing up my phone right now begging to ride on Humpy's Boner Express.
ANYWAY! Here's the NSFW red band trailer for Friends with Benefits, starring nude JT and MK havin' poop-tons of romcom-style sex. Without me. (sniff) Idiots.