Tipster and Route 4 bus rider Todd Mecklem sends in this moderately heart-warming story from a Sunday afternoon on TriMet:

About 2:30 this afternoon an eastbound 4 (Division) Tri-Met bus, already running about 15 minutes late, got trapped behind a stalled SUV on the Hawthorne Bridge. The bus driver called her supervisor to explain why she'd be falling even farther behind...but five young guys got off the bus and pushed the SUV several hundred feet, until it was clear of the one-lane section. Good news about Tri-Met for once! It's the feel-good story of the...last 45 minutes
  • Todd Mecklem

Update: In less heartwarming news, the database of TriMet salaries is now available online, so you can peruse how much the public transit agency executives are getting paid. It's a little hard to shed tears about TriMet's levy going down last year when you discover General Manager Fred Hansen made $247,071 each year, plus $14,562 in benefits.