Obama World Tour: Today's he's in Indonesia, criticizing Israel's aggressive settlement building and closing his speech with, “Salaam aleikum.”

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal is a Tough Slog: An unpublished survey shows the majority of active duty military are okay serving with gay comrades, but Democrats may be backing down from the fight.

Secure Communities Confusion: The fed's new "Secure Communities" program is causing confusion around the nation as it deports illegal immigrants who commit low-level crimes (just like in Portland!).

Can We Talk About that Fetus Thing?: During his image rehab interview, George W. says his mom showed him the results of her miscarriage in a jar. Hm.

A New Googley Thing! Some searches today will give "instant previews" of websites.

"Degenerate Art" on Display: A construction crew discovered art banned by the Nazis and buried in a Berlin basement for years.

Haiti: Oh No. The beleaguered nation is flooded, on the brink of a cholera epidemic, and covered in trash.

Schwarzenegger Doesn't Care if You Smoke a Joint: He tells Leno's audience. Well, phew!

One Less Redneck. An Oregon white supremacist is sentenced for sending a noose to a civil rights leader.

Youngsters at it Again! The Oregonian reports on this crazy new Silly Bandz trend!

Oregon Zoo Has New Cougar Cub: AND IT'S ADORABLE!

LIVEBLOG TONIGHT! Ezra blogs here minute-by-minute as the Blazers take on the Detroit Pistons.