Yesterday I sounded off about poorly designed roads and dangerous drivers who cause pedestrian fatalities. But this update from yesterday's three-person crash is worth a moment of silence:

The Portland Police Major Crash Team investigators have completed the interviews in this investigation and have released the following information. The driver of the vehicle involved in yesterday's collision is 75 year-old Thomas Van Winkle. Mr. Van Winkle drove his vehicle northbound on North Interstate Avenue and struck three pedestrians in the cross walk as they crossed North Lombard Street, from south to north, in a marked crosswalk.

After hitting the three pedestrians the vehicle traveled another 60 feet until striking a telephone pole on the sidewalk on the north side of the street. The child's father, 36 year-old Eric DuBerry was thrown another 30 feet after this impact. 20 year-old Da-Mon McDonald was thrown off to the side.

The 23 month-old child succumbed to his injuries this afternoon. The family of the child has asked for privacy during this time of great emotional distress. This was their only child.