I guess I should say "terrible-looking films" since neither Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich or Blubberella has been released yet, but c'mon; I've got eyes. In case you don't know because you're the type of person who avoids bad films and internet memes, Uwe Boll is a director best known for his cinematic adaptions of video games and offering to punch critics in the face.

If he lacks common sense at least Boll is frugal. Most recently he has combined actors and set locations of his most recent projects to combine two, count 'em, two movies about lady superheros killing Nazis. Today saw the release of a trailer for Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich, in which a non-Aryan vampire lady in a corset foils the Nazis' plan of breeding Aryan vampires by kicking their asses. It also saw the release of the trailer for Blubberella, a more, I guess, comical film about a heavyset lady in a bigger corset who foils the Nazis' plan of eating hoagies by instead eating their hoagies herself and hitting them with rolling pins. It should be noted that in both films Boll plays Adolf Hitler. Check it out!

Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich


The question I am wrestling with is, given the choice, which of these two movies would you rather see? I don't care the circumstances - you are intoxicated with friends who only own these DVDs; it is Christmas and you have to see a movie with your extended family who hates you, maybe - choose one. I am at a loss. It's like the firing squad vs. the electric chair.