Here is the empty pie plate that's currently sitting in our office kitchen, and will probably be in the exact same place two years from now. Why? Because no one currently employed by the Mercury knows how to wash a dish. That's why we need you Blogtownies to decide: WHO SHOULD WASH THIS PIE PLATE?


This is the scenario: Sarah Mirk brought in the plate this morning which contained two slices of delicious cherry pie. (It's unknown what became of the other six slices—it's probably in the belly of her heroin-addict boyfriend.) By 10:30 am, both slices were gone, and the plate has since remained untouched. SO! Bearing in mind that Sarah Mirk has never washed a single kitchen utensil in her entire life...

Who is ethically responsible for washing this pie plate?

As always, the results of all Blogtown polls are legally binding.