Say what you want about Alabama... go ahead. Say what you want. I'll wait.


Anyway, I'll say this about Alabama. They take their sex shop shopping experience SERIOUSLY. Take for example Pleasures sex shop in Huntsville, which has just opened up the world's first three-lane drive through. Because... because... people are really nervous about the upcoming lube drought.


Seriously, did you know that Alabama is the last state in the union to still have a sex toy ban? You can't buy a Hitachi Magic Wand there, unless it's for "a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose." And customers have to fill out "a medical questionnaire describing the health-related reasons for their purchase."
GAHHHH!! Read more about it here, and thank your lucky stars you live in Portland where you can walk into almost any Fred Meyer and purchase one of these:

Wait... is this a helicopter?
  • "Wait... is this a helicopter?"