• Fun!

Apparently high school teachers don't like watching their students dry hump to Chris Brown.

Cleveland High School is calling off its January winter formal because students can't seem to resist rubbing their goodies all up on each other on the dance floor and their teachers have consequently refused to chaperone the upcoming dance.

Cleveland's school officials have done everything else they can think of to curtail the busy jigging, from selling t-shirts that said "No bumping, no grinding" to giving dance chaperones "flashlights to shine on couples dancing inappropriately," said Vice Principal Pam Joyner.

Portland Public Schools spokesperson Matt Shelby is the voice of reason in this situation, likening "grinding" to "grunge and slam dancing" and saying that students always want to "push the envelope", no matter the time period.

"We just think it's fun," said Zoe Koss, a 16-year-old junior at Cleveland. Echoed 14-year-old freshman Imke Sellier: "It's a generational thing. It's just fun."