WWI Anti-War Poster
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  • WWI Anti-War Poster
November 11 used to be Armistice Day, marking an end to all wars. Then, of course, we went to war again and again and again and now November 11 is Veterans' Day.

The Hollywood District sponsored its annual Veterans' Day parade this morning—and parades are great, but if you really want to help out a veteran this week go cheer at the parade, then go volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Thirty three percent of the nation's homeless population are veterans, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Many vets need help finding jobs, they need help finding housing, they need help readjusting to civilian life, and living in a society that tries hard to keep its knowledge of war at arms' length.

If you're looking to do more than wave a flag this week, here is a list of places that work with homeless vets and here is a list of homeless shelters.