From time to time, I like to check in on Commissioner Randy Leonard's online musings (actually the stylings of his staffers), and so I'll make my way over to his official blog.

Why? Because I learn things. Usually things about toilets. Like the ones he likes to put up in public and have his staff make Facebook pages for. That's still true this week. But if you head over there right now, you'll find a few other nuggets, too. In short, here are three things I learned reading Randy Leonard's blog.

1. The "Portland, Oregon" sign is almost finished.


Leonard took a trip over to Ramsay Signs to see the new letters that will replace the words "Made in" on the iconic sign. The council in September approved a complicated transfer that puts the sign in city's hands, updates the wording, and will see it turned it on just after Thanksgiving.

2. Leonard is the latest member of the Portland City Council (in very recent history) to raise a bit of beef with the Oregonian. (Mayor Sam Adams did so privately, while Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who also has a blog, did so publicly).

Leonard is chapped about some quotes used in this story about the city's boondoggle of a payroll system, and sent a friendly note to the O's boss, Peter Bhatia. Bhatia, unsurprisingly (if politely), told him where to stuff it, and how far. Apparently trying to prove a point about word choice in quotes, Leonard then wrote back thanking Bhatia for AGREEING with him.

3. The third Portland Loo, over at SW Naito and Ash, will open at 12 pm next Friday, November 19. (Okay, we already knew the date of the first flush, but not the time.) We also learned, with regards to the loo, that Leonard's office doesn't appreciate our coverage as much as others, even though we always make sure to say how much we love it.