FOUR LIONS Finally a comedy about terrorism!
  • FOUR LIONS Finally, a comedy about terrorism!

FOUR LIONS My favorite phrase in this week's paper: "the confused, chucklefucked faces of terrorism."

UNSTOPPABLE Steve says it's so bad it's good, but to be fair, he was mostly just delighted he got to see Captain Kirk in his underwear.


MONSTERS Zzzzzzzzzzz—*hic*—zzzzzzzz....

WELCOME TO THE RILEYS This movie made Ned angry. Or sad. Maybe both. Sounds like someone could use a pick-me-up! Like seeing Captain Kirk in his underpants!

TAQWACORE Asalamalakum, brah.

There's also Skyline, which didn't screen for critics but I really want to know the supposedly terrible ending of, plus reviews of Cool It, The Freebie, Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould, and more in Film Shorts. Movie Times are here.