Rich kids: Ever fantasize about moving to NYC but wonder how much it would cost you to live in how shitty of a neighborhood? Behold.

Time to pay the bills! Earlier this week, an Obama-appointed panel made suggestions for federal policy that were intended to reduce the deficit. Some intelligent, anti-commission commentary from Paul Krugman, and an equally critical, right-wing perspective from Matt Miller at the Washington Post.

Close-call disappointment: Metro president hopeful Bob Stacey has finally conceded to Tom Hughes, which means that we've officially elected the man who held his election night party on the Portland Spirit.

Why is it that we have a military base in Cuba? The self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks is likely to remain in military detention in Guantanamo Bay rather than face prosecution. And Slate answers our question.

Fomenting anti-U.S. sentiment in Pakistani children: When the foremost recruitment tool for militant groups is the lack of an education or future provided by government, schools should be a top priority .

More bike paths: In a continued effort to make the OHSU annex a desirable place to be, the city has acquired a quarter-mile stretch of riverside land that it will develop as a multi-use path.

OMG SO COOL! In case you missed it (but of course you didn't), here is proof that Wheel of Fortune is a wondrous and magical game.