Sharing is caring! Right, gang? In the Oregon House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans are starting down the awkward road toward navigating their 30-30 membership split in the chamber. Juicy possibilities: A renegade coalition of moderates takes control, or one party plucks one or two members from the other to seize power.

ACHTUNG! (baby) A report the Justice Department doesn't want us to see reveals the secret history of the American government's post-war dealings with Nazis: how it hunted them, how it sometimes helped them (hello, NASA!), and the weird treasures it kept from them (Mengele's scalp—ew).

Riled up about the SO-BIG-THEY'RE-ALL-CAPS FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT AND NATIONAL DEBT? Try fixing things yourself first, and then maybe you can run your mouth. Oh, and good luck with that.

Later, at the Hall of Justice U.S. Capitol ... the lamest-ever lame-duck congressional session is about to start. Unless you're really, really rich and really, really need your sweetheart tax break to stick around. Because in that case this session'll be more like total fuckin' rock-'n'-roll.

Drink up, rednecks. Sarah Palin's TLC "reality" show makes its debut this evening. Here's a game that ought to enhance the experience.

In the battle against radical Islam, a small measure of rhetorical sanity. (Plus a few tidbits of gossip about British royal military deployments and the safety of the Falklands.)

Welcome home, Zsa Zsa! Now that you're back, how about you find a more recent photo for the wire services to use.

Arizona becomes the 15th state to say yes to medical pot. With final counting completed, Proposition 203 passed by a mere 4,300 votes—50.1 percent to 49.8 percent (rounded, no doubt). And, yes, the link is decorated with the obligatory photo of some faceless set of hands holding out a giant pile of sticky buds.

The more of that, maybe the less of this: "Judges who hear Social Security disability cases are facing a growing number of violent threats from claimants angry over being denied benefits or frustrated at lengthy delays in processing claims."

It's Sunday. Did you just wake up? Because you look like shit? (Thanks, Huffington Post)