During last night's episode of The Walking Dead (SNOOZE), a commercial for the new Harry Potter movie (EEEEE!) inspired my friends and me to play a spirited round of "Who would you invite to Yule Ball??!!" (My first two choices are either/both Weasley twins, followed by Draco Malfoy, but brooding Draco, not crying-like-a-bitch Draco. I would also like to go on a date with Ron, but not for kissing or anything. Just to hold hands. And maybe he could buy me a butter beer). So that conversation kind of made me feel like a pedophile uber-nerd, but thankfully I just had my own perfectly reasonable levels of nerdiness re-contextualized by the internet. The internet is so good for that.

EXHIBIT A: "Hello. I'm Harry Potter himself."

"It involves a bunch of magical balls.... The snitch is a tennis ball in a sock tucked into the snitch-runner's pants."

Thanks internet, for making me feel normal again. Now, back to Google-imaging the Weasley twins (THEY'RE 24 IT'S NOT CREEPY) until it's time for tonight's Deathly Hallows press screening....