• Greg Bigoni
This week in the news section, I looked into TriMet's Plan B now that its $125 million levy failed.

Maybe they should take a cue from Chicago's public transit agency, which is planning to dig itself out of a budget hole by selling the naming rights to just about everything it owns, including stations, rail lines, bus routes, and even its own logo.

The plan was prompted by Apple donating $3.9 million to refurbish a run-down rail station near one of its new stores, but asking that in exchange the station be dubbed the "Apple Red Line" stop. Chicago says it will sell naming rights to the highest bidder, but will avoid names that are "in poor taste" or at all questionable. Fat Cobra Yellow Line stop, maybe?

Despite the tough economic times, TriMet has shown an aversion to more ads in rider space. The transit agency will make $4.8 million this year from ad sales, even after replacing some ads inside buses with poetry.

(via GOOD)